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Oakland, CA

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Located high in the hills of Oakland, California, is this hidden gem – Redwood Ranch.  Redwood is located 17 miles from downtown San Francisco and 4 miles  from beautiful Oakland, CA. The ranch is adjacent to the East Bay Regional Park District’s Redwood Regional Park with 1,480 acres and over 4o miles of riding and hiking trails.  Beautiful towering Redwoods and other native flora & fauna are the norm in the park.

Rare and endangered  species are making their way back to their natural habitat in Redwood Park.  This environmental improvement is due to the East Bay Park District’s focus on conservation and stewardship. Today the Park District is the largest regional park system in the nation, operating 65 parks on over 114,000 acres of open space and 1,200 miles of trails throughout Alameda and Contra Costa countries.
While riding in the park, one can view sweeping vistas of the bay to the west and picturesque hills and valleys to the east .  A detailed and printable  map of the park can be found in our gallery page.  The Oakland Hills are rich in history.  We invite you to share and explore with us, on horseback or foot, this gem; Redwood Regional Park.

Redwood Ranch Stables  is a horse boarding and training facility specializing in Hunters and Jumpers.  We offer riding lessons to students of all ages and levels, camps and birthday parties as well as corporate events.

On your next visit to Oakland or the San Francisco Bay Area, the Oakland Hills, Redwood Ranch Stables and Redwood Regional Park must be on your list of things to experience.

Redwood Ranch is proud to have a stable of very talented, well-trained school horses and a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable staff.  Redwood is fun and relaxed with a supportive environment with all the amenities .  So close to the city yet a thousand miles away.    “Come Visit! Come feel the difference.”

Video Tour of Redwood Ranch

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Our Facility

Redwood Ranch Stables is equipped with the following:

» Outdoor arena with a course of high quality jumps which are available for use at all times.     Sand & rubber footing.

» Covered arena with dressage letters and sand & rubber footing.  Nice to use when it is hot in summer and raining in the winter.

» 61 horse stalls bedded on twice screened material to reduce dust.

» Large hunt field arena (Part of the Redwood Regional Park) a stone’s throw away.

» Three large wash racks with hot and cold water year round.

» Lounge and office in main barn for your comfort and perhaps to finish work. (Wifi is free for all visitors and customers)

» 8 roomy track rooms available to boarders, allowing close access to your horse.

» On ground access to hundreds of miles of BEAUTIFUL Bay Area trails. The East Bay Parks trail system is one of the most expansive in the U.S.

» All stalls rubber matted. Stalls designed so horses can be social and comfortable.

» Automatic waterers. Redwood is serviced by city water municipality. No worry of wells going dry.

» Gated security at night.

Boarding & Training

All horses are fed 3x per day.  Your choice of high quality Orchard or alfalfa or a combination.  Pelletized feed  is also available for the noon meal at no extra charge.

Our hay is second to none.  Redwood’s hay is grown by a 3d generation local hay grower who guarantees high quality premium horse hay which is grown locally.  Our hay is not brokered in from different states every month.   This advantage provides our horses consistent nutritional value and supply year round.

Please contact the ranch for pricing and stabling availability.  Training, lesson packages, and all other services are available with quality, result oriented training, lessons and conditioning.

Please call or write for pricing and availability.



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My girls attended horse camp at Redwood Ranch for 3 consecutive Summers. They both started when they were 6 and 7 respectively. The first year they begged their Mom and I for another week. We were fortunate that the owners/organizers were very easy to deal with. Thankfully there was one opening due to a cancellation but we needed 2 spots. Redwood accommodated my second girl by adding additional staff. Camps are small with only about 20 kids participating. Now three years later my girls have been taking riding lessons at Redwood. They have become good riders and have grown in their confidence.. responsibility and have become great horsewomen. Redwood, I may have to extend my retirement a couple of years but it all has been worth it.



I’m getting read y to take my mother and four kids to Norway tomorrow…. so I’d love more time than I have to write a more precise statement….but I know it’s important to get this….

 Redwood Ranch is a rare gem in the East Bay Hills.  Once there were many options to enjoy the trails and the friendship of horses and other enthusiasts.  I grew up riding in these barns and the memories of those years was something i was keen to pass onto my daughters.  That and the love and care and friendship of horses.  Redwood is better than I could have ever hoped for.  Our daughters are flourishing.  They are independent and feel great accomplishment…and this has only been nine months.  David and Garry, the owners of the ranch, are in touch with every detail of the facility.  They are terrific teachers, firm and kind.  Just the perfect blend of no-nonsense farm style and refined urban sensibilities.

 I am always happy to provide a personal reference if it will help in the decision making process.  We are committed to continuing this tradition for as many years as we can.


Redwood Ranch is the best place for horse back riding. The atmosphere is unbelievably sweet and I would come back there every time. I really enjoyed watching the kids during the summer camp. Kids were having lots of fun! I would love to place my future kid in their summer camp=) All trainers and instructors are very responsible and caring. Stables are clean, well-trained and very cared for horses . I would recommend it !


Only good things to say. We had a great experience there, fabulous atmosphere , experienced and very friendly trainers. The horses are well cared for and the facility is clean. I highly recommend Redwood Ranch, from all the places where we’ve been to – this is the one.


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